The Iron Chef is back in Australia! "Allez cuisine!!"
Special 6 dish full course dinner by the legendary chefs!!
14th / 15th Feb 2015 at RACV City Club

The culinary genius of the legendary Iron Chefs Hiroyuki Sakai, Katsuhiko Kobe and the eldest son of renowned Iron Chef Kenichi Chen, Kentaro Chen, who all have frequently demonstrated their presences in the "Iron Chef" - a Japanese Cooking Program with extremely high rating are back in Australia for another extravagant event. This time in Melbourne hosted in the RACV Melbourne Grand Ballroom. Don't miss a chance to meet the worlds famous Original Japanese Iron Chefs in person!

Enjoy this magnificent event with A SPECIAL FULL COURSE DINNER provided by The Iron Chefs with specially selected matching premium wine and sake by Executive Sommelier Masahiko Iga.
At Iron Lounge, you will also be able to relish KIRIN BEER BAR and SAKE BAR, drinks plus seasonable canapés by Mark Normoyle (RACV Executive Chef) and Ikuei Arakane (Executive Japanese Chef).

You can also experience various Japanese cultural entertainment with great performances by the professional Japanese calligrapher (Shodo) Junko Azukawa, the Koto player Brandon Lee and more during the event.

The Iron Chefs

Iron Chef French
Hiroyuki Sakai

Sakai is a well-known Japanese chef who specializes in French cuisine and most famous for being the second, and last, Iron Chef French on the Japanese television show Iron Chef, first appearing at the beginning of 1994 and continued his appearance in shows over nine seasons. Sakai has the third best winning percentage of the Iron Chefs, trailing only his Iron Chef French predecessor, Yutaka Ishinabe and the first Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba.

Iron Chef Italian
Masahiko Kobe

Masahiko Kobe is a chef specializing in Italian cuisine, most notable as the "Iron Chef Italian" or “Prince of Pasta” on the television series Iron Chef, where he appeared wearing a chef's uniform decorated like the Italian Flag (Red, White & Green) and holding a tomato. He moved to Italy for about 4 years to train, becoming the fourth Iron Chef upon his arrival home. After Iron Chef, Kobe opened his own restaurant, The Ristorante Massa, now well known as one of the best Italian restaurants in Tokyo.

Successor of Iron Chef Chinese
Kentaro Chen

The eldest son of renowned Iron Chef Chinese Kenichi Chen, Chef Kentaro is a rising star in Asia’s culinary scene. Previously an undergraduate majoring in French, Chef Kentaro cultivated an interest in Sichuan cuisine after watching his father on the highly successful global cooking reality show, Iron Chef Japan.

Tickets & Event Details

(1) 14th Feb 2015(Sat)
(2) 15th Feb 2015(Sun)

Price: $380 per person

5pm - Iron Lounge
(KIRIN BEER BAR & SAKE BAR plus Seasonable canapés)
6pm - The Iron Chefs' special 6 dish full course dinner

Venue: L17 Event Space, RACV City Club
501 Bourke Street, Melbourne [MAP]


Terms & Conditions

  • Tickets are limited and will not be available once all the seats are taken.
  • Valid tickets will be purchased in advance and non refundable.
  • We do not accept any changes or cancellations once the tickets are purchased.
  • Prices include GST and a payment processing fee.
  • The menu for the dinner and Iron Lounge will be the same for both events on 14th and 15th.
  • Chidrens Policy - Parents must be accompanied with childrens under age 18.
    (Children must be over age 15 to enter the venue.)
  • No consession acceptable for thicket prices.
  • All the RSVP and payment systems are running by

Tickets sold out due to high popularity. Thank you!

Sponsored by:

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Venue: L17 Event Space, RACV City Club / 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne